Decorative Concrete Floors

The beauty and durability of decorated concrete aren't just perfect for outdoor projects-- concrete is also a customizable and maintainable option for your home and office floors. Stamped concrete can be a wonderful alternative to stone, brick, or tile flooring that's quick to install and easy to keep clean.

Because we can offer such a wide range of designs and patterns, including mimicking that of natural wood planks, we can create a functional and attractive floor design that compliments the aesthetic of the surrounding architecture. Whether you are looking for an elegant New England slate patterned entranceway or a simple, durable flooring for your basement or garage, our experienced team of contractors can get your project finished with high-quality craftsmanship and service.

Stamped Concrete Floors

Our stamped concrete floors can help you get the look of natural stone, brick, or tile without the high time cost needed to install individual panels. Our vast selection of concrete stamps will let you customize the look of your concrete floor however you need so that it fits in with the look of your office or home. The durability of concrete also makes it easy to clean and keep beautiful.

Decorative Concrete Floors

Need a logo, borders, or other customizations? No problem! Our team can cater to whatever amenities you need; we even install stairs and handle multiple elevations for open and half-step floorplans. Our decorative concrete floors are sealed with a finishing coat that brings out the three-dimensional color variation and depth as well as protects the flooring from wear for up to five years.

Wondering how concrete flooring can improve your current building? Contact us, we're happy to discuss your project and answer any questions you may have.