Concrete Basement Floors

There's no reason your basement floor can't be both functional and attractive. While many people understand the practical benefits of having a concrete floor in their basement-- the strong foundation, protection from water damage in case of flooding or broken pipes, no fear of scratching the flooring if you use it as a den or storeroom-- they may not realize that upgrading to a decorative or stamped concrete basement floor means not sacrificing style for function.

Our stamped and decorative concrete basements let you bring the level of design present in your home down into the basement. Use our incredible selection of stamps, colors, and texturing techniques to turn a drab den into the site of your next party. Creepy, dreary basements can now become classy entertainment rooms or function as an inside patio if they access the outdoors. If your current concrete basement needs a makeover, don't worry-- we don't just install new concrete, we can also remove or replace old flooring.

Ready to reimagine your basement? Give us a call. We'd be happy to discuss your project.