Multicolor Concrete

Our multicolor process sets our stamped concrete projects apart by creating a multidimensional, textured look for truly stunning finished projects. By mixing pigment either directly into the wet concrete or applying a color hardener once poured, we achieve a look for your project that enhances the texture of the stamps and can mimic the subtle color play in real stone, brick, or wood-- or, for something more unusual, we can even create vibrant colors like violet, forest green, or bright yellow!

After the concrete is poured, a release agent with a secondary color is applied to the surface of the concrete with the pattern print, creating shading and color variation in the print. In a design that mimics natural stone or wood, this creates variation in the individual "stones," giving it an antique or two-toned look. We go the extra mile to achieve this antique, realistic looks, using a combination of initial coloring, multiple releases, color hardeners, and proper application techniques.

If you have a particular coloring in mind, whether traditional or extraordinary, let us know. We're happy to accommodate your preferences and to provide the best customization possible for your project.