Signs of Stamped Concrete Quality

When looking for a stamped concrete contractor, it 's important to see a portfolio of their past work to ensure their work shows clear signs of quality. Too often, untrained and novice contractors think that stamped concrete will be a quick and easy way for them to make money, causing work to be completed hastily and leaving behind areas with no texture, visible seams between patterns, and other flaws that leave an unappealing finished product. When examining a contractor's portfolio for evidence of quality craftsmanship, keep the following in mind:

Signs of Quality

  • Proper Patterning: Are patterns squared up and matched properly at the edges? Look for lapses in the pattern, overlapping lines of "grout," or areas without texture.
  • Stamp Seams: Do the seams and edges overlap or seem to feather out? Are patterns left unfinished along the border of the project?
  • Integrated Saw Cuts: Does the contractor integrate their saw cuts into the stamp joints or simply saw straight through the middle of a pattern? Integrating cuts into stamp joints creates a more polished look and allows the concrete to expand and contract naturally in extreme weather, without interrupting the pattern of the print.
  • Quality Steps and Features: Sets of steps should be poured separately to achieve the same attention to detail as the entire patio or floor surface. Check that the faces of the steps are all stamped and are detailed with the same stamp pattern used throughout.

Our goal at Ferrazza Cement Construction is to deliver the highest of quality to our customers. When stamping concrete, we pay attention to the details amd create a finished product we can be proud of, and that you will enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to discuss your project and learn more about the signs of quality.