Cement vs. Asphalt

Why choose stamped or decorative concrete over asphalt for your pool deck, driveway, or patio? Simple-- it's just more versatile. When you use asphalt or even pre-cast paving, you're choosing a product that offers no design flexibility, no customization options, and no long-term durability. Below, we've listed a few of the installment methods that are often considered in comparison to decorative concrete so that you can understand how each falls short.


This may the the most inexpensive option for paving, but it offers no design flexibility, no customization, and no durability. You can't choose the color of your asphalt driveway; you can't go more than a year without sealing it to avoid cracking; you can't customize it with multiple shapes, stamps, or colors, and you certainly can't expect it to stand up well to high-intensity temperature shifts like are found in any Michigan winter anywhere near as well as concrete. If you're looking for a pavement that can be laid down fast and cheap but has little artistry, asphalt is an option-- but if you're looking for something that will compliment your home and keep it looking gorgeous for years to come, and at a competitive price and speed, come talk to us.

Natural Stone

While certainly a potentially beautiful option, installing natural stone is both cumbersome and expensive. The look that may cost you $25/sq. ft. to achieve with natural stone can often be mimicked with decorative concrete for half the cost! Natural stone also takes more time to lay, costing you a greater amount in labor fees, and will need routine maintenance to keep weeds, dirt, and moss from getting into its cracks.

Precast Pavers

Much like natural stone, precast paving will take a long time to install and will need constant upkeep to maintain a weed-free appearance. While this option might be more flexible in terms of look than natural stone (and especially asphalt), the fact that it's already pre-cast means that further customization like printing, the embedding of decorative logos, or mixing colors or patterns suffers. When you can get all that customization at the same price point with stamped concrete, the latter is the obvious option.