Sidewalk Repair

It can come as a surprise to many home and business owners that, in some states and municipalities, you are responsible for the upkeep of any portion of city sidewalk found on your property! Since sidewalk repair can cost hundreds of dollars, this may be an expense many homeowners or small businesses don't realize they have until it's too late. If the sidewalk in front of your house or office is in desperate need of repair, don't worry-- Ferrazza can fix it, or even improve upon it, quickly and inexpensively.

Our sidewalk installation and repair is an excellent alternative to scheduling sidewalk repair or replacement with your city or township's Engineering Department. We offer competitive pricing on sidewalk repair-- and may already be a trusted sidewalk contractor of the area! We also offer concrete sealing, which helps improve the look and durability of your sidewalk, meaning you won't be responsible for sidewalk repair or replacement for a long time after.

Don't let sidewalk replacement or repair fees surprise you with unexpected cost and responsibility. Contact us today and we'll help make sure you pass your next sidewalk inspection with flying colors!